We often receive lovely private messages from those who have been sent a smile present and we really appreciate your kind words. We thought we would now create a public space on our website which could also be used for any comments or messages so that those who donate and fundraise can see what a difference they help make.

Please note your comments will be made public so don’t put anything you aren’t comfortable sharing. Your comment won’t automatically appear public straight away but it will appear within 24 hours.

Melanie – 19/7/18
MASSIVE MASSIVE THANK YOU! Gareth received his Smile For ME gifts & he’s so happy & stunned. I’m so grateful to you for taking the time, dedication & thought; not to mention expenses. You’re doing a wonderful thing. Thank you so so much xxx

Daisy – 12/7/18
Thank you so very much you really made my day and week!!!!!!

Heather – 13/6/18
What a lovely surprise I got today. It certainly made me smile. A beautiful box full of our favourite things. Nominated by my beautiful daughter. I hope others get a lot of pleasure from their surprise too. Thank you.

Paula – 12/6/18
My mam, best friend and carer received her surprise today and she was absolutely thrilled, the gifts were everything she loves and she was so touched by your thoughtfulness!
This lady has been my dad’s carer for nearly 40 years, stood by him and supported him through 3 lots of cancer, 3 major heart attacks and numerous other illnesses he has.
She helped me raise my 2 children, helped me get out of a marriage with a very evil man and make a new life for me and my then kids.
Her and my dad have helped me financially, helped me move home, decorated for me and so much more.
She also now cares for me as well as my dad even though she is an older lady!
My parents and kids are my world and I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for them and I can never repay them for all they have done and continue to do.
My mam had a huge smile on her face when she opened her parcel and wants to thank @smileforme_xx for her thoughtful parcel.
Thank you so much you lovely people for making a carer smile and for making an M.E patient smile too, you are so wonderful and thoughtful. Much love 

Maddie – 8/6/18
I cannot express how extremely fantastic this charity is! My mum received her gifts today after my sister and I nominated her recently and the look on her face was the best I could have wished for! She cried and said how amazing the idea of the charity was but also how much thought had been put into her gifts as each one meant something very special to her. No amount of money could pay for how happy that made her. I will forever be grateful, thank you so much xx

Tamaryn – 8/6/18
Thank you so much for the lovely box of gifts! It was such a wonderful surprise and I love all the things you chose for me. I can’t tell you what a lift this has given me! xx

Korina – 8/6/18
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the voucher and sweets for my son Ben. He does so much to help me. He is as I write at the cinema enjoying Jurassic park with his older sister. A rare night out for him thanks to you xxx

Kerry –  8/6/18
Thank you so very much for such an amazing surprise today! Wow I am blown away! I love love love my gifts…. forever grateful

Julie – 9/5/18
I would like to say a huge thank you for the gifts you sent to my husband, who I recently nominated. We were both left speechless by the generosity and quality of the gifts, and he was taken aback by the sentiment and the fact that this charity does this kind of thing. Timing was perfect as he turns 40 at the end of this week and gifts are beginning to arrive, so when I told him this was one he could open now, he was even more thrilled. Thank you so much from both of us.

Helen – 9/5/18
Thank you so much for sending the gift to my husband. I was as surprised as him when the beautifully wrapped gift arrived. It brought us both to tears and is appreciated more than words can say.

Ashlee – 8/5/18
Just want to say a massive thank you to you! My beautiful girl got her surprise gifts today. they are so well deserved, she helps looks after me when I’m poorly, blow drys my hair, tucks me in bed with her fave teddies for comfort and pulls the curtains shut when I can’t deal with the light. She really is my little angel and as you can see she was absolutely over the moon with her gifts, she even cried happy tears 

Debbi – 8/5/18
Thank you so for my wonderful parcel! It made me smile and shed a tear as it was such a perfect parcel. I have wanted a bag for my crochet for a long time and this bag was perfect plus the little extras in the pockets were an extra surprise. Thank you so much xx 

Miranda – 8/5/18
My son is recovering from chicken pox and this couldn’t have been a nicer surprise for him to receive! He loves his gifts so much and I am so touched! Thank you!

Becks 7/5/18
Thank you very much for the gifts for my daughter.She was amazed that you knew her so well and put a lot of thought into what you got her.Also her favourite colour is blue so the unicorn being blue and the wrapping paper was a bonus.It really made her day.She doesn’t like her photograph being taken but you definitely put a smile on her face 

Emma – 15/4/18
I put in a nomination for my amazing carer/closest friend and she got a fabulous surprise in the post a few days ago! I was so thrilled, as so much effort had been put into chosing the gifts and tailored to what I had put on the nomination form. I am so pleased that she got chosen and her efforts recognised as she really is a marvellous person!

Mandy – 12/4/18
Thank you..I nominated my lovely daughter and she received her Smile parcel today. Having M.E. myself I’d forgotten I’d nominated her and so I was as surprised as she was. 🙂 🙂 You’ve certainly made my daughter smile. Huge Thank You

Kay Gibbs – 12/4/18
Just received my parcel from your wonderful charity. I’m so happy. I was nominated by my 11 year old daughter Chloe. She’s amazing and does so much for me. I feel loved and happy today. Thank you all so much.

Jessica – 12/4/18
I received a parcel through the post today after being nominated by a friend who is a fellow ME sufferer. It meant so much to receive the surprise gifts, and I cannot thank both my friend and Smile for ME enough! I love the gifts, and this has brightened my day up no end. Thank you to such an amazing charity, and to such an amazing friend. 🙂

Dani-Louise – 28/3/18
I was surprised by some lovely gifts from you guys today – I love them and they’ve really brightened my day!
Thank you so much I feel so special! Such an amazing charity/idea💕💕

Elaine – 23/3/18
I nominated my Son Caleb after his diagnosis last year and forgot all about it. He has been off school this week and suffering a really bad flare….the door went and a parcel arrived for him. I cannot express my thanks to you enough, the gifts you sent were utterly perfect for him and he is in floods of tears, but happiness for a change! Thank you so so much, what you are doing is amazing and we are so touched you did this for Caleb. What amazing timing, you have cheered him up so much. Thank you xxxx

Sue – 21/3/18
Just witnessed first hand the joy you bring with your smiles💙 Thank you so much 💙 So proud to be raising funds for you In Lucie’s name xx

Catherine – 17/3/18
What an amazing charity, my daughter does so much for me so I thought this was a lovely way to say thank you to her. She was over the moon with her chocolates, socks and mug. Thank you for making her day. X

Kim – 22/2/18
Thank you so very much to you guys for this amazing parcel with amazing gifts inside. We have one very smiley jack and it’s made all our day brighter. You are so kind, thank you so much 

Justine – 20/2/18
Thank you so much Smile For ME Josh is over the moon with his ‘smile’ presents! He has been very poorly recently and this cheered him up no end!💙💙💙

Sophie – 6/12/17
My fiancé received his smile gifts! Thank you so much to you all! Very happy and uplifted him and me lol! As my carer he deserves a smile too for all the hard work of putting up with me!💙

Pamela – 23/11/17
Such an amazing charity for a heartfelt cause. The Smiles you guys create can only be counted with love… with all the pain and suffering comes a wee ray off sunshine – A “Smile For ME”

Wendy Stevens – 22/11/17
I had the most lovely surprise this afternoon I received a parcel off smile for me my daughter Annemarie Stevens nominated me. It’s made me feel really special but I only do what any mum would do so thank you everyone at smile for me I really love everything and the parcel did make me smile.

Pamela Hutton – 1/11/17  
My Dad received a gift today from this amazing charity. To say he was over the moon was an understatement. When i visited he was sat under his fleecy blanket(and a beautiful one it was) flicking through his art magazine. The gift was just him to a T. He was humbled to read about such a fantastic charity and the endless work you guys do to make folk smile. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for what U done for us, his smile said it all. Melted my heart. Thanks so much. #SmileforME 💙

Cara/Sarah Johnson – 27/10/17
How wonderful to receive lovely gifts this morning for Cara. She was over the moon and really did make her smile. Something different to focus on than her illness. Thank you so much sending love and what you do for others is amazing bless u x

Melanie – 19/10/18
Thank you to Alice and the team for a special delivery of Millie’s cookies that arrived today for our son who has had ME for 11 months now. It really made him Smile and we all really appreciate such a kind gesture. Thank you so much Xxx

Louise – 7/10/17
Hi my daughter Lucy received some smile presents
She was overjoyed
Really cheered her up and made her smile
Thank you so much everything was perfect and lovely to see her smile

Nicola – 21/9/17
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the gifts you sent me they made me cry happy tears. You guys do an amazing job thank you

Cat – 16/9/17
You guys sent my daughter a parcel just over two years ago. She was very unwell, out of school, little contact with other people. Your kindness was really appreciated. Thank you xx

Nicky – 12/9/17
The smile you brought to my daughters face when her parcel arrived was out of this world. I can’t thank you enough xxx

Juliette – 10/8/17
Thank you Smile For ME for spreading some happiness and bringing delight and joy to my son’s day with a lovely surprise gift! He has been attached lovingly to the cat cushion since it arrived and the lego mug is just perfect! Thanks for making his day! 🙂 xx

Alison – 22/7/17
A huge thank you for making me smile today with some gorgeous flowers and chocolates. So much appreciate. Thank you x

Joanne – 20/7/17
Hi just want to say thank you so much for making my daughter smile. She has received her gifts today and is over the moon you really don’t know how much this means to her. She cried tears of joy and for the first time in 2 years she’s colouring you are all so thoughtful I really can’t thank you enough

Gill Potterton – 18/7/17
Hello, I have severe ME, I received a `Smile for ME` gift a few years ago, a lovely display of flowers and a very cute teddy bear. This came as a complete surprise while I was going through a particularly bad episode and it made my day, I was so happy that I cried `happy tears` and I didn’t feel so invisible. Thank you so very much for caring….love, Gill xx

Michele – 11/7/17
Wow….my daughter has just received her gifts following a nomination. She’s is overwhelmed and she has the biggest smile! Thank you so much….it’s appreciated more than words can say. Having had a rough few wks it’s perfect timing xx

Rachel – 8/7/17
I received a parcel of presents a couple of years ago which I can’t thank you enough for. It arrived at the perfect time because I was starting to loose my smile but you helped put a smile back on my face. Thank you for creating Smile For ME and for continuing to make many other M.E sufferers smile.

Grateful recipient – 6/7/17
Well done for such a lovely charity and thank you for thinking and caring enough to do something so special and touching

Jackie Bunting – 5/7/17
Thank you so much for my smile present, it really did bring a smile to my face. I have had ME for nearly 40 years and although it is much better than it used to be, I still have days where it gets the better of me.The smile present was organised by my daughter Jenny who is the most thoughtful daughter anyone could wish for. She’s 23 and suffers with disabling Chronic Pain which has changed her life beyond belief. Thank you again – I wish you every success in the future.

Zoe – 21/6/17
Hi, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my gift which was nominated by my husband and full time carer. The gifts were perfect and I’m so grateful to have been chosen to receive a gift from yourselves. Thank you xx

Alison – 18/5/17
Thank you so so so much for sending my friend a smile present. You’ve made both of our days. What you do is amazing, thank you!

Kerrie – 2/4/17
My daughter and I would like to say a massive thank you for choosing me to receive a ‘Smile for ME’. I was completely overwhelmed when I received the gifts and it certainly did make me smile but also made me cry, happy tears of course. I would like to say what you do is amazing and to think of others with ME/CFS is brilliant. I wish you all the very best in continuing to make people smile and I wish you the very best with your heath xx

Brenda – 2/4/17
Molly was absolutely over the moon to receive her parcel from you wonderful people. She said it felt like her birthday! The gifts you chose are perfect… Pugs and art are her two most favourite things. I really cannot thank you enough for putting such a specail smile on my baby girls face. It really gave her a boost at a time when she’d been very down. I cannot thank you enough as your wonderful gift came at a very crucial time it was like you knew she needed this boost. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxxxx

Emma L – 31/3/17
Massive thank you to the lovely girls at smile for ME for giving me such lovely gifts it was very appreciated and unexpected it really made my day xox

Caroline – 24/2/17
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the people at Smile for ME. I received a gift from them and it really did make me smile. The sheer thought and effort that goes into the presents is incredible!! They were all individually wrapped in beautiful spotted blue paper, and the blue representing colour of ME. The presents themselves are so thoughtful and beautiful! I was beaming ear and ear, I was and still am so happy. Thank you Smile for ME you are doing an amazing thing for people in difficult situations. Thank you!