How was it launched?

Smile For ME was launched because we are M.E sufferers/family members of M.E sufferers ourselves. Through personal experience I found being bed bound very isolating and lonely, not only because you can no longer do the things you love or even just basic daily tasks but friendships and support systems end which makes living in one room even harder. I found out just how special getting a letter through the post was. It was contact from the big world outside and it always made my day. I was determined something good would come out of having ME and I just wanted to make others smile. I thought if getting a letter made me smile what would getting a present do? So I came up with the idea for Smile For ME. I told my friend Gracey about my idea and with her, her Mum and my parents help we set it up and we became a registered charity on the 14th November 2012.

Thank you for your support.

Love the Smile For ME team, Alice, Gracey, Janine, Clive and Jacqueline :)