Imagine What It’s Like To Have ME

”Having ME feels like you are trapped inside your own body which doesn’t work properly and is failing you. You don’t have control of it anymore, it doesn’t respond or work in the way it used to and things you were once able to do are now just a memory you long to be able to do again. Imagine how exhausted you would feel after running a marathon, that’s how M.E sufferers feel from the simplest activity like sitting up in bed and it constantly feels like you have the flu but worse. Imagine spraining every muscle and breaking every bone in your body, then carrying someone equivalent to your own weight who is clinging on to your legs all the time whilst having muscles spasms. The pain in your muscles, bones and nerves is almost unbearable. Your body doesn’t respond automatically, you have to remind it to breathe, you tell your legs to move but they don’t, you speak but nothing comes out. All your sensors are extremely sensitive, your skin is so sensitive even a blanket over your legs hurts, having the curtains open is like someone is shinning a bright torch in your eyes so you have to live in darkness, someone talking normally sounds like shouting. Ice cold one minute and boiling hot the next. Headaches, sore throat, ear ache, dizziness, brain fog, insomnia and lots of other symptoms daily. Then imagine staying like this not knowing if or when you’re going to get better and there is nothing you can really do. Support systems break down, friends move on, people find it hard to understand so they leave your life. Worst of all imagine being told ‘ME isn’t real’ and ‘it’s all in your head’ even by some medical professionals. We have to fight every single day of our lives, fight with our bodies to keep going, fight to get people to understand that M.E is a real physical illness and fight to keep smiling. Living with M.E isn’t easy but you learn to get on with life the best you can even when it is completely different to what you had planned or thought your life would be like but you have to make the best out of every situation and at the end of the day there is always a reason to smile.”