You can nominate an ME/CFS sufferer or carer of any age to receive a personalised smile present by filling out the online Smile For ME nomination form. Click on the link below to complete the nomination form.


Smile For ME nomination form  



After you have filled out the nomination form and clicked ‘done’ you will automatically see a message that says ‘Thank you for completing the Smile For ME nomination form. We look forward to sending a smile.’ which means you have successfully filled out the nomination form and we have received it.

We consider as many nominations as possible but due to the number we receive we are not always able to send everyone a smile present. However we do send to the majority of those nominated. We try and make the waiting time as short as possible, up to 3 months, so the information we receive on the nomination form is still relevant.

We create a smile by using the information supplied to buy appropriate presents. We lovingly wrap them in our signature blue and white spotty paper and decorate with ribbon to make them extra special. They are then posted to the recipient to brighten their day and make them smile. If you have given your permission for us to contact you we will let you know when the smile present has been posted.

If you want an update or have any questions feel free to email us at