Carers Week

Carers Week is an annual campaign in June to raise awareness of caring. Smile For ME have joined in with this event since 2018 as we want to highlight carers of ME sufferers. ME doesn’t just affect those suffering, it affects those around them who have to take on the role of being a carer. We hope that by sending a special Smile to carers of ME sufferers during Carers Week we can remind them how much they are appreciated.

Carers Week Smiles

Since 2018 253 Bear Hugs Smiles have been sent to carers of ME sufferers.

Bear Hugs

With our Carers Week Smiles we partner with Bear Hugs and they send their hugs to Smile nominees. Bear Hugs is a brilliant business founded by Faye, a chronic illness sufferer, to spread a little kindness and a thoughtful hug. As well as the wonderful work they do they offer and advocate for accessible inclusive jobs. A huge thank you to the whole Bear Hugs team for helping us celebrate carers over the years. We love working with you and we can’t thank you enough for helping us create Smiles.

Carer Appreciation

Share a story

Sharon (Shared June 2022)

Sharon shares her experience of caring for her daughter through their ME journey. 

Alice (Shared June 2021)

Alice writes about her experience of being a young carer for her Mum who has ME.

Richard (Shared June 2021)

Richard shares his experience of ME and how it affects his family as he cares for his wife who sufferers from ME.

Holly (Shared June 2021)

Holly shares her experience of being a young carer for her Mummy who sufferers from ME.

Sue Forrest (Shared June 2020)

Sue writes about her experience of being a carer to her daughter Lucie. Sharing the reality of life with a child with M.E how you have to fight, be strong, never take no for an answer and even on those days when you think the fight has left you, you have to dig deeper than ever before and fight some more.

Claire Tripp (Shared June 2019)

Claire Tripp shares her personal experience of being a carer to her teenage daughter who sufferers from ME to raise awareness of ME carers during National Carers Week.

Sending lots of love to all carers. You are all amazing people doing an amazing job. You don’t always get enough recognition but we hope you know how much you are appreciated. Thank you for all you do.

Smile For ME