December 2022

31/12/2022 1 By Smile For ME

Hello and welcome to the last monthly newsletter of this year. We hope you have enjoyed reading our newsletters and learning a bit more about how your support enables us to do what we do. Hope you have had the best month possible and managed to enjoy some of the festive period.


12 Smiles were sent to both ME sufferers and carers of all ages this month. The items included in our Smiles change all the time as we personalise them to each person’s likes and interests. Some of the items included this month were bath products, candles, make up, face masks, cuddly toys, crochet set, gaming gift voucher, book gift voucher, socks, lego gift set, crystal bracelet, sweets, chocolate, biscuits and tea.

“Rubie’s smile was received today, thank you so much! Rubie has been having a real low time lately, and this has lifted her spirits so much! The makeup is perfect, very her! And the sweets are her favourite! She is so grateful for this thoughtful gift, as am I. Thank you for your on going kindness on behalf of Rubie and myself. You are an amazing small charity and we very much appreciate the hard work you do.”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your charity and the beautiful smile gift I have just received. I am 39 and was diagnosed 8 years ago with ME. it took 2 years to get to that and somehow once diagnosed, I was left to get on with it. I find that the only people who understand are those who have experienced it which is completely understandable, but that then often leaves me keeping quiet and getting on with life without sharing the difficulties of Me. I hide them and just say I’m fine to avoid the generalisations that normally follow. Today I felt heard. I, for once a few months ago opened up to my sister about the grief I was feeling for the loss of person I was and the mental V physical battle I face daily. She just listened and we moved on the conversation, thinking no more. But she heard me, and that means so much. Your gift and charity have finally let me see that someone does know my battles and efforts and that is so valuable to me.”

“Joseph received his smile today and was very happy and emotional. Thank you so much for brightening his day. He put the socks on straight away lol.”

“Megan’s Smile has arrived today and we can’t thank you enough. She was so surprised and grateful for your kindness and loves all her gifts. Not afraid to say I shed a couple of tears. You put such a smile on her face that is not seen often enough. Her cat, Star, who is more like her best friend and therapy pet, had to join in too.”

“@smileforme my Mum received her wonderful gift of kindness Not only did it put a huge smile on her face she also cried I want to thank you for what you are doing, because of you I managed to really make my mum see just how much I appreciate the love,Care and laughter she’s gives me! Without my mum/Caregiver I would not be…Well let’s just say I would not be full stop. So thank you with all both our hearts she is beyond amazed with the gifts You guys are sending so much love to so many hearts it’s important you get that too!”

2022 Smiles

Throughout 2022 we have sent 222 Smiles to both ME sufferers and their carers. These included our regular monthly Smiles, Smiles in memory of Merryn Crofts as part of our Merryn’s Smile Day and our Carers Week Smiles.

Each Smile we send is very special to us as we personally customise each individual one. From doing our best to thoughtfully choose presents for the recipients, and ensuring that they are are appropriate from the information we receive. To wrapping in our signature blue kraft paper decorated with our logo and twine, which we slightly adjust for Severe ME sufferers with Merryn’s Smile Day and when working together with Bear Hugs for Carers Week. They are then posted with love hoping to brighten a day and remind people they are thought of.

Thank you to all the Smile recipients this year who have kindly sent messages or pictures after receiving your Smiles and given us permission to share them. Not only does it touch us to hear or see your Smiles have reached you safely and made you smile but we also love being able to share them as it enables us to show people supporting where their money goes. There is never any pressure from us to share about your Smile, we completely understand the people who prefer to be private and we are just as grateful for the private messages. (Please note if you do have a private social media account even if we are tagged we are unable to see your post due to your privacy settings, please send it to us directly instead if you wish to share with us, thank you)

Making 222 people smile this year wouldn’t have been possible without your generous support so we can’t thank you enough. Thank you for helping us to share a smile and remind people they are not alone ?

Smile of the year

What’s made you smile this year?

Thank you’s

A big thank you to everyone who has donated, fundraised, supported on social media and nominated someone affected by ME for a Smile. Your support this year has meant more than words can say. We would not be able to do what we do without the kindness and generosity you show us. Thank you so very much.

A special thank you to Nancy who kindly chose to support us by donating money raised from a craft fair.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2023.

Smile For ME