Severe ME Day 8th August

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Merryn’s Smile Day

Smile For ME remembers and acknowledges Severe ME each May with our Merryn’s Smile Day, in memory of Merryn Crofts who died from ME. Find out more about Merryn and our special Smiles in her name:

Share a story

We raise awareness of ME by sharing personal stories with our segment share a story. Linked below are specific stories from those affected by Severe ME.

Sophia Mirza

Written by her mother Críona Wilson and shared on Sophia & M.E’s website: She shares Sophia’s story of ME and medical abuse which subsequently lead to her death at the age of 32. 

Merryn Crofts

Clare writes about her daughter Merryn, sharing what she was like and what she sadly endured during the horror of Profoundly Severe ME before passing away in 2017 just days after her 21st Birthday.


Laura has written two pieces for us. Most recently she shared her experience of what it’s been like living her 20’s with Severe ME ahead of her 30th Birthday next month. Previously she shared her experience of Severe ME and the realities of how each and every day is a matter of survival and how much the little things can make a difference.


Angela shares her daughter’s experience with Severe ME from a Mother’s point of view to raise awareness for Severe ME Awareness Day. 

Olivia Meads

Olivia raises awareness of ME, a neurological classified disease, and how at age 15 her life changed irrevocably. Sharing a snapshot of her symptoms and her wishes.


Debbie shares a poem she wrote about Severe ME after receiving a Smile in Merryn’s name.


Katie writes about ME having so many sides including severity and fluctuations and one of the rare positives being community.


Veronica shares her experience of ME, lessons she’s learnt with orthostatic intolerance and the implications of GET and CBT.

Paul Mc Daid

Paul writes honestly about his experience of ME specifically his very severe noise sensitivity sharing his reality with humour.

Lizzy Horn

Lizzy shares her experience of ME and hope. Hope being a strange and glorious thing, it can do much good but it can be painful too.

Kara Jane Spencer

Kara shares her experience of severe ME and how from that place of suffering and despair her album was born.

Sending love to those affected by Severe ME and remembering those who have sadly lost their lives. RIP Sophia Mirza, Merryn Crofts and Kara Jane Spencer.