Share a story – Severe ME

8th August Severe ME Awareness Day. Share a story is a segment in our monthly newsletters where we share a story from an ME sufferer or carer to raise awareness and to remind others they are not alone. Linked below are specific stories from those affected by Severe ME. 


Share a story – Angela

Angela shares her daughter’s experience with Severe ME from a Mother’s point of view to raise awareness for Severe ME Awareness Day. 


Share a story – Clare

Clare Norton writes about her daughter Merryn. Sharing the horror of Profoundly Severe ME and what Merryn endured as she sadly lost her life. She dedicated this to Jen Chittick who also sadly lost her life to severe ME.

Share a story – Kara

Kara shares her experience of severe ME and how from that place of suffering and despair her album was born.


Share a story – Laura

Laura shares her experience of severe ME and and the realities of how each and every day is a matter of survival and how much the little things can make a difference.