Smiles are personalised presents which we send to those affected by ME. Each month apart from May and June we send regular Smiles to ME sufferers and their carers. In May we celebrate Merryn’s Smile Day by sending at least triple the amount of Smiles specifically to those suffering from Severe ME in memory of Merryn Crofts. In June we celebrate Carers Week by sending at least triple the amount of Smiles specifically to those caring for someone with ME.

Thanks to your support so far we have sent 1618 Smiles


Feedback from Smiles

Sarah – “Dear smile for ME, my son Joe has been having a particularly tough time of it lately. He keeps trying his hardest with school but can’t manage to get through a whole week yet. This week, It was his birthday on Monday and went to school. Tuesday got sent home due to his ME symptoms becoming too overwhelming and has been bed bound most of today so you ‘smile’ you sent him couldn’t have come at a better time! THANK YOU. Although I tell him every day, I’m his mum so he knows he has my boundless love and respect but to have gifts from you really reiterated how brave, strong and special he really is and just how incredible he is for fighting for a life every day. I’ve not seen him smile like this in a long time. He’s absolutely over the moon with your kind gifts and called out ‘THANK YOU SMILE FOR ME!!’ Smile for ME, you’ve made a 13 year old boy feel valued, happy and loved thank you ???”

Amy – “A huge thank you for Lauren’s Smile gifts they are so perfect you must have put so much time and thought into what to send. She was absolutely blown away by the thoughtfulness and I have to say her wobbly starting day was completely turned around by the smiles. Your gifts have given her the confidence today to face her college interviews over the next few weeks feeling as if she matters. You really are amazing people, I honestly cannot thank you enough and tell you what a remarkable difference you have made.”

Pamela – “Such an amazing charity for a heartfelt cause. The Smiles you guys create can only be counted with love… with all the pain and suffering comes a wee ray off sunshine – A “Smile For ME”.”

Sonja – “A million thank you’s for the incredible gifts that you sent my husband following my nomination. They were perfect for him! This has lifted all our spirits and made all of us smile. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Maddie – “I cannot express how extremely fantastic this charity is! My mum received her gifts today after my sister and I nominated her recently and the look on her face was the best I could have wished for! She cried and said how amazing the idea of the charity was but also how much thought had been put into her gifts as each one meant something very special to her. No amount of money could pay for how happy that made her. I will forever be grateful, thank you so much xx”

Clare – “Thank you so much for the gift for Isobel Smile For ME. You definitely brightened her day and brought a tear to my eye. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting Isobel know she is not alone.”

Brenda – “Molly was absolutely over the moon to receive her parcel from you wonderful people. She said it felt like her birthday! The gifts you chose are perfect… Pugs and art are her two most favourite things. I really cannot thank you enough for putting such a special smile on my baby girls face. It really gave her a boost at a time when she’d been very down. I cannot thank you enough as your wonderful gift came at a very crucial time it was like you knew she needed this boost. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxxxx”

Sue – “Just witnessed first hand the joy you bring with your smiles Thank you so much. So proud to be raising funds for you In Lucie’s name xx”

Nicky – “The smile you brought to my daughters face when her parcel arrived was out of this world. I can’t thank you enough xxx”

Gill – “Hello, I have severe ME, I received a `Smile for ME` gift a few years ago, a lovely display of flowers and a very cute teddy bear. This came as a complete surprise while I was going through a particularly bad episode and it made my day, I was so happy that I cried `happy tears` and I didn’t feel so invisible. Thank you so very much for caring….love, Gill xx”

Caroline – “I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the people at Smile for ME. I received a gift from them and it really did make me smile. The sheer thought and effort that goes into the presents is incredible!! They were all individually wrapped in beautiful spotted blue paper, and the blue representing colour of ME. The presents themselves are so thoughtful and beautiful! I was beaming ear and ear, I was and still am so happy. Thank you Smile for ME you are doing an amazing thing for people in difficult situations. Thank you!”