What is Smile For ME?

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We are a registered charity for ME sufferers of all ages founded by two teenagers with ME. Our main aim is to make you smile and to raise awareness and understanding of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. We know just how lonely and isolating this debilitating illness is so we try our best to alleviate the negative effects by sending 'smile treats' and going the extra mile for a smile.

What do we do?


Through fundraising and donations we send nominated sufferers personalised presents 'smile treats' to brighten their day and to show someone is thinking about them through a tough time and show we really do care because when you are stuck unable to leave your bed or house for months and even years at a time getting a parcel in the post can really give you a boost and a reason to smile.


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You can nominate a sufferer or carer for a personalised 'smile treat' by filling out the nomination form found in the Nominate tab.