Merryn’s Smile Day

Merryn’s Smile Day is an annual event when we send Smiles to those affected by Severe and Very Severe ME in Merryn’s memory on her birthday, 13th May.

Merryn Crofts sadly passed away from Severe ME in 2017 just days after her 21st birthday. I (Alice) was lucky enough to be her friend and, thanks to her family’s blessing, Merryn’s Smile Day was created in 2019 to celebrate her birthday. Smile For ME remembers Merryn by sending a Smile in her name to those suffering with Severe and Very Severe ME. Merryn loved sending little gifts and also loved it when happy post arrived for her so we are glad to be able to do this in her memory.

Merryn’s Smile Day Smiles

187 Smiles have been sent in Merryn’s name. Merryn’s Smile Day Smiles are different to our regular Smiles, the presents are not wrapped as opening presents with Severe ME can be difficult in many ways. The presents have included balloons, cuddly toys, cosy sets, flowers, plants, pamper sets and bedroom accessories. They were all sent with Merryn and Severe ME in mind. As Merryn was the reason this all happened we included some of her favourite things and every present was packaged with love which Merryn radiated.

Merryn, the person behind the event

Clare Norton, Merryn’s Mum, has kindly written a few pieces for us over the years about Merryn, her experience with Severe ME and who she was as a person. Click on the links below to read more about the special person who inspired our event of Merryn’s Smile Day.

Merryn’s story (Originally shared 2019)

Clare writes about Merryn, sharing what she was like and what she sadly endured during the horror of Profoundly Severe ME before passing away in 2017 just days after her 21st Birthday.

About Merryn (Originally shared 2020)

Clare honours Merryn describing her as a ball of mischief, love, trouble and gentleness, encapsulating her love for life and her beautiful heart.

More about Merryn (Originally shared 2024)

Clare shares more about Merryn and the ‘Merryn Magic’.

Merryn, you and your family are in our thoughts. Sending lots of love to everyone who knew and loved her. Sending lots of love to all those affected by Severe and Very Severe ME.

Smile For ME