Special Event – Carers Week 2024

Carers Week 2024 takes place between 10th-16th June and is an annual event where we send Smiles to carers of ME sufferers in partnership with BearHugs.

You can nominate a carer of an ME sufferer of any age from the UK to receive a BearHug Smile by completing our nomination form.

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Regular nominate

You can nominate an ME sufferer or carer of any age in the UK to receive a Smile by completing our nomination form.


What are Smiles?

Smiles are personalised presents we send to nominated ME sufferers and carers of all ages each month, apart from May and June when we send special event Smiles. Presents are individually chosen using the information supplied on the nomination form. The presents are then lovingly wrapped in blue kraft paper, decorated with blue and white twine and stamped with our logo before being posted to the recipient.

What are special event Smiles?

Our special event Smiles take place in May and June, when we pause sending our regular Smiles for Merryn’s Smile Day and Carers Week. Separate nomination forms will be available at the top of this page nearer the time of our special events.

Merryn’s Smile Day Smiles are sent each May specifically to those suffering from Severe ME in memory of Merryn Crofts. We send at least triple the number of Smiles with the present options of balloons, teddies, cosy sets, flowers or plant which we then personalise to each individual. These Smiles are not wrapped as opening presents with Severe ME can be difficult in many ways. 

Carers Week Smiles are sent each June to celebrate National Carers Week. We partner with Bear Hugs and send at least triple the number of Smiles specifically to those caring for someone with ME. The Smile Hugs options include pamper, food, random or child and are packaged by Bear Hugs.

How long will it take to receive a Smile?

The average wait time for a Smile is 3 months. When we contact you to let you know your nomination has been successful we will let you know which month a Smile will be sent. Smiles are posted the first week of the month. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee being able to send a Smile for a specific date.

Can I nominate someone who has already received a Smile?

Repeat nominations are considered after the timescale of 1 year. However new nominations will be prioritised.

Why do we need to know about an ME diagnosis?

We ask about ME to help us with our criteria to ensure Smiles are only sent to people affected by ME. We do not require medical records or use the information given to access records or contact doctors.

Why do you need my contact details?

We require a contact detail to be able to send a Smile so we are able to keep you up to date with the process of the Smile. If we do not have permission to contact you regarding your nomination we are unfortunately unable to send a Smile. We keep contact at a minimum. Once to let you know if your nomination has been accepted or declined. Then once more if your nomination has been accepted to let you know it has been posted.

What does giving permission to be kept up to date with Smile For ME’s activities mean?

It means if you give us permission we will sign you up to our monthly newsletter. You will receive an email on the last day of each month and can unsubscribe at any point.

Have you received my nomination form?

Once you click ‘done’ and see the following message your nomination has been submitted. “Thank you for completing the Smile Nomination Form. Smile For ME assesses each application carefully before approving or declining and we will inform you of the decision if you have given us permission to do so. As Smile For ME is run by those affected by ME this may take a couple of weeks. We look forward to sending the successful nominees a Smile.” If you are unsure and would like to check you can contact:

What happens after I’ve completed the nomination form?

We assess each application before approving or declining according to our criteria. We will inform you of our decision within a month if you have given us permission to do so.