Corporate Fundraising

We have been lucky enough to receive corporate fundraising in the past from the kindness of supporters through their work. Affinity Water have generously donated, Samsung have matched funds raised and Schroders Personal Wealth sponsored a whole month’s worth of Smiles. Do you or someone you know want to help support us? Get in touch


What is Smile For ME?

Smile For ME is a UK charity for people affected by ME. We send personalised presents, which we call Smiles, to nominated ME sufferers and their carers to brighten their day and let them know someone cares. When you are unable to participate fully in life, receiving a parcel in the post can give a reason to smile and remind you that you are not forgotten or alone.

Each month, apart from May and June, we send 10 regular Smiles to ME sufferers and their carers. In May we celebrate Merryn’s Smile Day in memory of Merryn Crofts by sending quadruple the amount of Smiles to those suffering from Severe ME. In June we celebrate Carers Week and send quadruple the amount of Smiles to those caring for someone with ME.


Where will the money go?

We are a small charity and your donations really do make a difference. All donations are greatly appreciated and we will thank your company publicly.

£30 = 1 Smile

£300 = 1 month of Smiles

£1,200 = Merryn’s Smile Day special event in May

£1,200 = Carers Week special event in June



All other ways donations can be made can be found on our donate page

The difference your support makes

“Dear smile for ME, My son Joe has been having a particularly tough time of it lately. He keeps trying his hardest with school but can’t manage to get through a whole week yet. This week, It was his birthday on Monday and went to school. Tuesday got sent home due to his ME symptoms becoming too overwhelming and has been bed bound most of today so you ‘smile’ you sent him couldn’t have come at a better time! THANK YOU. Although I tell him every day, I’m his mum so he knows he has my boundless love and respect but to have gifts from you really reiterated how brave, strong and special he really is and just how incredible he is for fighting for a life every day. I’ve not seen him smile like this in a long time. He’s absolutely over the moon with your kind gifts and called out ‘THANK YOU SMILE FOR ME!!’ Smile for ME, you’ve made a 13 year old boy feel valued, happy and loved thank you ??? (please share this to your page xx)”

“My daughter received her smile today and it certainly made her smile thank yous so much xx”

“It’s carers week this week so I nominated Leslie as she works all day every day except 2 hours a day. We appreciate her so much and everything she does for us!! So I nominated her for a Smile For ME x BearHugs box. She was so grateful she even cried!!! She really needed this and I’m so glad it came when it did (something personal has happened) ??? Thank you to all carers who look after people especially their loved ones. It’s so hard seeing someone you love go through some AWFUL things and you can only do so much to help. But that help is so appreciated and we love every single carer who actually CARES for their client/sibling/parent/friend/grandparent, you are all stars ✨ ? ???”