Share a story – Mia

My Brother and Me

My brother Jay has long covid and chronic fatigue syndrome, he is 13 years old and I am 15, my name is Mia.

Before my brother was unwell we used to do lots of stuff together such as , going on holidays, playing video games, running around, playing football, joking around together, going out a lot and having a lot of fun. We were always laughing and play-fighting together. When he became unwell , he was no longer coming to school with me, always asleep, couldn’t walk and I had to help him out a bit more like bringing him food or drinks and pushing him in his wheelchair. I had to help mum and dad more too as he could not do much himself. We used to do lots of different things at the weekend but now we are just always home. It has affected me a lot because I really missed all the stuff we used to do together and it was hard seeing him asleep and off school when I had to go in by myself. When I was doing homework, he was just sleeping. His friends in school and teachers in school would always be asking me if he was okay. I also felt like he had a lot more attention than me and I felt a bit alone.

The things I miss the most are being able to go out on walks with our dogs with him, playing football outside in our garden or the park, going to school with him and playing games online together. At the moment, it has been over two years since he had symptoms. I like trying to make him laugh when he is awake, sharing funny tik toks and you tube videos with him and talking to him about my school day. He is too unwell to go to school so is only doing two online lessons and a few quizzes a week online. I like helping him with his maths quizzes when he is stuck.

In the future I really hope he gets better and can walk and run around like he used to and I also hope he can come back to school with me before I leave high school. It would be nice to have memories of us both being at high school together. I would like us all to go on holidays again and him not needing to be in a wheelchair.