April 1, 2019 10 By Smile For ME

The beautiful girl pictured is Merryn Crofts. Merryn sadly passed away from severe ME in 2017 just days after her 21st birthday. I was lucky enough to know Merryn and thanks to her family’s blessing we have created ‘Merryn’s Smile Day’. Smile For ME want to honour Merryn by sending a smile in her name to those suffering with severe ME.

Merryn’s Smile Day is going to take place on the 13th May, her birthday. Those with severe ME who are nominated will receive a present to make them smile on that day. Merryn loved sending little gifts and also loved it when happy post arrived for her, so we are glad to be able to do this in her memory.

You can nominate a severe ME sufferer for a smile by completing the nomination form. Nominations close on the 30th April to ensure enough time to send a smile. We will consider as many nominations as possible.

ME affects around 250,000 people in the UK, of whom around 25% are severely affected being bed bound and unable to look after themselves. Merryn sadly suffered from very severe ME which ended up taking her life but it never took her heart.