January 2018

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This year we thought we would start monthly updates to keep you more in the loop with what goes on with Smile For ME. At the end of each month a monthly update will be available with news, smiles and thank you’s so hopefully you can get to know Smile For ME a little better. Welcome to January. 


We sent 6 Smiles this month taking our new overall total to 485 Smiles. Thank you for your support with helping us create so many smiles! We don’t often share the presents we send to avoid ruining the surprise or sharing personal information. However to give you more of an idea of what we send some of the most recent things sent include nail polish, candles, colouring books, painting sets, cuddly toys, socks, notebooks and chocolates. Items changes all the time as we personalise the presents for each individual but they are all lovingly wrapped and posted. If you do receive a smile present we would love to see a picture of you opening it!


We do have an exciting launch happening very soon, Smile For ME tshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies will be available to buy on our Shop page. Just waiting for final details, we will keep you updated.

Smile of the month

With the January blues we’ve kept on smiling. January’s smile of the month is Rosie dog thinking she’s human and taking a liking to our new smile ‘tester’ tshirts. She wanted to try on two for size.

‘Not sure if this one fits!’ ‘Ah this one is much better’

What’s made you smile this month?


The year of adventures for Lucie ‘In her name’ has begun. Lucie’s friends and family are a completing physical challenges all throughout 2018 in her name to raise money for M.E charities including Smile For ME. Check out her fundraising page In her name. Thank you so much Lucie, Sue, family and friends for supporting Smile For ME. We look forward to seeing the adventures you get up to. You can follow along on the Facebook page In her name Lucie x. Thank you to everyone who has donated/fundraised for us.

Photo credit: Warrington Guardian

Shop of the month

Many M.E sufferers are not able to work due to their health but some people run online shops from their home/bed so we would love to be able to help support M.E sufferer’s business in a small way by shining a light on their shop. If you have an online shop you can recommend to us, run by an M.E suffer or carer please email us at smileformecharity@gmail.com with the information and it may be used in a following month.

The shop of the month this month is by Molly Llewelyn and it’s called Jolly Mo Designs. You might recognise the name as Molly was the person who very kindly held an ‘Art for ME’ online art auction raising an incredible £1200 for us! Here’s more about Jolly Mo Designs in Molly’s own words.

Hello my name is Molly, I’m 17 & have had M.E for over 3 years now. As I’m housebound I decided to start making & selling bunting so I could earn some money like all my friends were doing. I can make bunting in pretty much any shape & colours & the most popular design I’ve made is the guinea pig ones!! At Jolly Mo Designs my Dad also makes things like tshirts, wooden signs, cushion covers & loads more. He also helps personalise the bunting with vinyl letters if needed! If anyone would like to know more our Facebook page is- https://facebook.com/jollymodesigns/

Please check out Jolly Mo Designs Facebook page @jollymodesigns and show your support for a small business run by Molly an M.E suffer and her father.

Thank you’s

A special thank you to those who have donated to us this month. Your kindness allows us to continue sending smile presents so we can’t thank you enough. Your support really means a lot. 

Thank you to:

  • Pauline – Your continued support means a lot and we can’t thank you enough for your kind generosity. As well thank you for collecting donations in our donation box in your shop.
  • Steve – Your kindness and generosity means so much, thank you for your continued support.
  • Maureen – Thank you for your kindness.
  • Mary – Thank you for your donation, wishing you all the best for the new year too.
  • Jackie and Maureen – Thank you to everyone at Tangent for your kind donation.
  • Katie – Thank you for donating some gifts for us to use in our smile parcels.
  • Sally – Thank you for your kind donation.

Hope you enjoy our new monthly updates.

Smile For ME