March 2018

31/03/2018 0 By Smile For ME

Welcome to March’s monthly update.


We sent 12 Smiles this month taking our new overall total to 504 smiles. Thank you so much for your support and for  helping us create 500 smiles! This month’s smile presents included flowers, bath bombs, cuddly toys, yarn, books, puzzles, bracelets, picture art, socks and nail polish. You can view some of the recipients on our Smiles page.

Smile of the month

This month’s smile of the month is the snow. It was nice to have a different view out of the window, everything looked so magical covered in a dusting of snow. What’s made you smile this month?

Shop of the month

The shop of the month this month is a vegan online bakery called Piece of dough run by Katie. Here’s more about Katie and her shop in her own words. I’m Katie. I became ill with ME when I was 12 years old, which meant I missed the majority of school. After school I tried my hardest to make college work for me but it was too difficult and I left feeling like I would never be able to work, I had already been stuck in my house for 6 years and I couldn’t see that ever changing. After becoming ill with another condition in 2015, my stomach stopped working, I spent months trying to find things that I could eat that wouldn’t cause a flare and in that time I became passionate about cooking and baking and it became the only thing I found joy in. That’s when I figured I could possibly make a job for myself, I loved baking, other people loved eating the things I baked and it was something I could do from home in my own time, so I set up Piece Of Dough. I started out just delivering cupcakes locally and this year I opened up my website ( where I can now send baked goods all around the UK. I am so thankful to be able to do this despite being ill and for once feel excited for my future. 

Please check out Piece Of Dough and show your support to Katie.

Many M.E sufferers aren’t able to work due to their health but some people run online shops from their home/bed so we would love to be able to help support M.E sufferers business in a small way by shining a light on their shop. If you have a online shop you can recommend to us, run by an M.E suffer or carer please email us at with the information and it may be used in a following month.

Thank you’s

A special thank you to those who have donated money to us this month. Your kindness allows us to continue sending smile presents so we can’t thank you enough. Your support really means a lot. 

Thank you to

  • Miles and Laura – Congratulations on getting married. Thank you so much for raising money for us during your very special day. So touched by your kindness.
  • Niamh and friends – Thank you so much for raising money for us with a cake sale. Really appreciate all your effort and kindness. 
  • Alison and family – Thank you for donating a huge bag of presents for us to use in our smile parcels. Really appreciate your kindness and your on going support thank you.
  • Thank you for a kind donation in memory of David Fielding.
  • Everyone who has kindly donated to In her Name Lucie fundraising page. Including Katie and her form at her high school who held a bake sale with the cakes pictured below. You can check out Lucie’s ‘In her name Lucie’ facebook page for updates on different fundraising events.
  • Sally – Thank you for your continued support, really appreciate your kindness.
  • Pauline – Thank you so much for your kindness and your continued donations.
  • Steve – Can’t thank you enough for your continued donations, really appreciated.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter. Wishing you all the best.

Smile For ME