May 2021

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Hello and welcome to May’s newsletter. Hope you have had the best month possible.

Merryn’s Smile Day

This month on the 13th May 30 Smiles were sent to Severe ME sufferers in Merryn’s name for Merryn’s Smile Day 2021. Merryn’s Smile Day Smiles are slightly different to our regular Smiles, the presents are not wrapped as opening presents with Severe ME can be difficult in many ways. The presents included balloons, cuddly toys, cosy sets, flowers, and pamper sets. They were all sent with Merryn and Severe ME in mind. As Merryn was the reason this all happened we included some of her favourite things and every present was packaged with love which she radiated.

Rochdale Online shared an article about Merryn and Merryn’s Smile Day which you can read here “Gifts to make severe ME sufferers smile posted in Merryn Crofts’ memory by Smile for ME charity

1000 Smiles

This month we sent our 1000th Smile! Smile For ME has been running for nearly 9 years and as a small run charity we pride ourselves on creating Smiles and brightening the days of ME sufferers and carers. We are really proud of sending 1000 Smiles, each one individually chosen with care, lovingly wrapped, packaged and posted. We love running this charity and to reach 1000 Smiles is a huge achievement especially being affected by ME ourselves. Thank you so much for your support over the years in helping to make this possible ?


Carers Week 2021

Carers Week 2021 nominations have now closed. Thank you to those who nominated an ME carer, we can’t wait to send them a special Bear Hugs Smile.


ME Awareness

12th May is ME Awareness Day. Well done and thank you all those involved in giving a spotlight to those suffering.

Millions Missing

Millions Missing is a global campaign to raise awareness. Shoes are placed to symbolise the number of people missing from life due to ME.

Age 26
Missing since 2009

Share a story

Bill Clayton from The York ME Community wrote a poem called Help The Millions Missing.

Help The Millions Missing.


Have you heard of the Millions Missing

Have you heard the news

Surely they’ve been on the radio

Looking for any clues


Have you heard of the Millions Missing

People just gone amiss

No longer turning up for work

Gone down some abyss


Have you heard of the Millions Missing

It’s not something they’d suppress

You can’t have people disappearing

Without reading it in the press


Have you heard of the Millions Missing

I heard in the hardest way

It was when M.E. came calling

I’ll never forget that day


Have you heard of the Millions Missing

I thought everyone would know

An illness like this,

Would be so hard to miss

Unless someone was making it so


Have you heard of the Millions Missing

Kids too ill for school

Some tube fed, tied to their bed

This illness is so damn cruel


Have you heard of the Millions Missing

We now display their shoes

As our way of showing, numbers are growing

There’s no more time to lose


Have you heard the Millions Missing

It’s about time that you did

So in the month of May, we’ll have our say

We’re going to lift the lid


You’ll hear from the Millions Missing

Using energy too precious to waste

They’ll raise their voice, making some noise

So you’d better be ready and braced


You’ll hear from the Millions Missing

And the help you maybe can lend

You’ll hear the cost, of lives being lost

And charities you may wish to befriend


It’s not the choice of the Millions Missing

To be as ill as we are

Being stripped of our very being

Seeing our old lives from afar


So please when you hear the stories

Of the Millions Missing from life

Please help us raise awareness

By spreading them far and wide


Between us we may raise our profile

Rather than the current dismissing

So please make a vow, to side with us now

To end the plight of the Millions Missing.


By Bill Clayton


Blue Sunday

This year’s Blue Sunday tea party for ME, created by Anna, took place on Sunday 16th May. It was an amazing event which brought the ME community together, raised awareness of ME and money for ME charities whilst enjoying some cake.

We loved seeing your Blue Sunday pictures and chatting to those joining in. A special thank you to those who chose to support Smile For ME. Thanks to your kindness you helped raise an incredible £1036.58 for us which will go towards sending Smiles to those affected by ME, we can’t thank you enough.

Thank you Anna for inviting us to be a part of Blue Sunday and for making such a big difference.


Smile of the month

Each month we ask on social media what has made you smile this month? We love hearing the responses and hope by sharing some of your smiles it can help others to find a smile too.

What’s made you smile this month?


Thank you’s

A big thank you to those who donated to us this month. We are really grateful for your kindness in choosing to support us and for your generous donations.

A special thank you to Shirley who donated some of her wonderful handmade necklaces for us to include in our Smiles.


Smile For ME